Welcome New Board Members!

We’re excited to welcome our new Long Realty Cares Foundation Board Members! Aletha Kalish representing Tanque Verde, Cathy Erchull representing Home Office, Dee Dee Orcutt representing Oro Valley, Julie Esquer representing Dove Mountain, and Stephanie Bass representing iTeam. We’re also pleased to have Cindie Wolfe from Oro Valley joining the Board as the 2023 Samuel H. Woods award winner.

Last year’s Samuel H. Woods award winner, Jennifer Anderson, has been elected to a full term on the Board as the representative of the Houghton SEV office, and Katherine Zellerbach has been elected for a second term of the Sierra Vista office.


Nancy Hennessey, Board Representative for River Campbell, has been elected Assistant Treasurer and will join the Foundation Executive Committee – President Thom Melendez, Vice President Ron Sable, Secretary Peter DeLuca, and Treasurer Paul Oelrich.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our outgoing Board Members, Karen Barrera of Tanque Verde, Martha Staten of Oro Valley, and Sherry Ulasien of Dove Mountain. Each of them has brought thoughtful insight and given generously of their time. Thanks to each of you for leaving your mark on Long Realty Cares Foundation and making  difference!


You can see a list of all our wonderful volunteer Board Members here http://longrealtycares.com/about-us/board-members/