We are pleased to announce that Ron Sable is the new President of the Long Realty Cares Foundation Board! Ron has served on the Board as the recipient of the Samuel H. Woods award winner for both 2020 and 2021, and as Vice President and Representative for the Foothills office. Ron brings with him extensive experience with other charities and service on other Boards. His thoughtfulness and thoroughness are of great value to Long Cares!

Stepping into the role of Vice President is Paul Oelrich. Paul is the Long Cares Representative for the Golder Ranch Office, and has served as Treasurer of the Board since 2019.

The office of Treasurer will be held by Nancy Hennessey of River Campbell, who has been serving on the Executive Committee as Assistant Treasurer.

The Executive Committee is pleased to welcome Matt Rivera, Representative for Core Services, as Assistant Treasurer.

Peter DeLuca, River Campbell Representative, continues his role as Board Secretary.

We are also excited to have Past President Thom Melendez for one more year on the Board. His time as President has been incredibly successful and we are so grateful for his passionate and service-based leadership. Thank you Thom! (Read more here)

See all of our outstanding volunteer Board Members here.