Since our inception in 2002, Long Realty Cares Foundation has been led by outstanding individuals giving their time and passion to serve as President of the Board. We are so fortunate to have these leaders as part of our Long Cares family history, each one of them shaping and growing the Foundation in their unique way.

Looking back on our 18 years we are incredibly grateful to our Past Board Presidents, and we recognize and thank them for how far we have come and what great impact on our community they have helped us achieve!

Diane Weintraub, Pat Jessup, Susan Barry, Liz Peckham, Trudie Penta, Barb Moylan, and Anthony Schaefer – thank you for your passion, your hard work, and the important mark you made.

We’re proud to recognize our Past Board Presidents on our website here.

(You can also see a list of all our current volunteer Board Members here)