Long Realty Cares Foundation released our first ever cookbook on April 21 – and we are already SOLD OUT! We are so proud of our Cookbook Committee, who worked tirelessly on this project for so long. Thank you to Committee Chair Jill Rich, and Committee Members Trudie Penta, Barb Moylan, Jennifer Root, & Kelly Bequette.

Would you like the opportunity to buy more cookbooks? Please let us know! The books were so popular, we are researching ordering another batch. Email the Foundation Office (msalvagio@longrealty.com) with the number you would purchase if we ordered more.

“Flavors & Folklore of Southern Arizona” is full of delicious recipes and features history and folklore from our unique region. Price: $30 each, or 4 books for $100.

cookbookcommittee04-15-16 cropped

(Cookbook Committee, left to right: Jennifer Root, Barb Moylan, Jill Rich (Committee Chair), Kelly Bequette, Trudie Penta)